Menston Primary School

Making our World a Better Place

The government provides funding jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, to see money going directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. This is called PE and sport premium funding.

Ofsted report February 2014 – ‘School sport funding is being used well.’

For the 2016-17 school year Menston will receive £10,095 of funding to develop PE and sport. In 2015-16 Menston received £9595.

This year we are using this funding for the things below.

  • To employ a specialist PE teacher to work alongside and train teachers to develop their subject knowledge and confidence in the teaching of PE. This specialist teacher has worked closely with staff developing expertise in Lower Key Stage 2, having worked in Key Stage One last year.
  • We subscribe to membership of the local School Sports Partnership, who provide competitive events and matches. This gives children opportunities to swim, to play dodgeball, basketball, netball, cricket, handball and rounders in competition with other local schools. We used some of the money to buy into the above leagues and also to enter boys and girls for the astroturf football leagues.
  • We employ school staff to organise and then to accompany teams going to competitions.
  • An additional coach has been employed to deliver sessions at lunchtimes to prepare children to compete against other schools in these events.

This has been the effect of the use of the Sports Premium Funding:

As a result of this funding we have increased the number of opportunities available for our children over time. This includes opportunities to participate in PE and sport at lunchtimes and outside the school day. We have also developed our staff’s ability to teach high quality PE lessons. We have encouraged our children to be active, happy and competitive within a supportive framework which develops and celebrates their sporting talents while giving opportunities to children of all abilities. We do not just always pick the best players. Sometimes we pick children who just want to play with their friends or children for whom this might lift confidence or enjoyment of school. Sometimes we pick children whose work/attitude/behaviour in school deserves recognition and reward. Sometimes we develop more elite teams in order to compete with elites from other schools.

Sport in schools is not always as simple as it seems. The best schools see sport as a vehicle to work on the development of the whole child. We are proud that within the past school year we have given our children more than a thousand separate opportunities to enjoy and/or compete. This year we will repeat this level of opportunity. Last year some of our teams won district competitions such as our girls’ football and cricket teams and our cross country teams. However we always prioritise participation and the pastoral and personal development of children through sport. We work hard to encourage sportsmanship, good manners, empathy and acceptance of others. We want children to love sport and to treat others with dignity and respect whether they win or lose.
We manage to do all this because our families help us. They work with us, helping us to get our children to and from the various events. They also back up our high expectations of sporting participation and behaviour. Our families also understand that while we want to involve as many children as possible we can’t include every child every time, but that over time we will include as many as possible.

To summarise:

This funding has helped us to improve our sporting provision for children and our quality of teaching. We have worked to provide sporting opportunities- especially competitive ones for our older children. We have established a tradition of friendly, competitive participation in a variety of sports.
We are a school that values sport and PE because:
Children enjoy it because it’s fun to do.
It helps them to develop healthy lifestyles.
If taught well it develops their social skills, their humanity and empathy and it teaches them how to persevere and be resilient.