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Welcome to Year 5

In Year 5, we are enthusiastic learners. We are on a journey to improve and excel in all we do. Rather than sticking with what we know, we look for new ways to grow and develop as learners, therefore getting better every day! We understand that learning is a journey that offers challenge in order for us to achieve our goals.

Rowan and Hazel classes make a fantastic Year 5 team; we often come together to take part in outdoor learning and also to share playtime responsibilities.

On our page, you can find information regarding PE, Swimming and homework routines as well as an overview of our curriculum.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any more information.


Mrs Chloe Kenyon – Teacher (Year 5 Rowan)

Miss Jemma Walker – Teacher (Year 5 Hazel)

Mrs Christine Help – Teaching Assistant



PE kit required (indoor and outdoor)


PE kit required (indoor and outdoor)

Currently, Hazel class are swimming on Friday mornings. Rowan class will begin swimming in November.


Homework will usually be set on Fridays. This will be communicated via our weekly letter, as well as being stuck in your child’s Banana Book which is where they will complete their homework. Children will receive up to 3 pieces per week – Big Talk (due Monday), Maths homework (due Friday) and Spelling homework (also due Friday).

Please follow this link to access parent information about end of year non-negotiables for English and Mathematics. Any support that you can give to your child to achieve these targets will be extremely valuable.


Children will be provided with all relevant logins for the following websites.


The children are able to access MyMaths, not just for homework, but for extra Maths at home!


DK Find Out!


Internet Matters


Our Learning this Term

Please click this link to view the Spring Two Newsletter

This half term, our topic is Courageous Explorers.


We have published our very own Visit Whitby leaflets to encourage people to visit the seaside town. We explored the key features of a range of leaflets to identify our own success criteria.
We have been reading Room 13, a book by Robert Swindells. As it is a children;s ghost story, we will be writing our very own ghost stories, thinking about the impact on the reader. How will we make sure they want to read on?


We have now completed our work on fractions: finding fractions of amounts and multiplying fractions by whole numbers. This week, we began our learning on decimals. We have used Base 10 equipment and bead strings to reinforce the concept of tenths and hundredths and their decimal equivalents.


We have been continuing our work on Forces. Before half term, the children designed and tested parachutes to test the effects of air resistance. They had to ensure that they had controlled variables in order to make it a fair test!

This half term, the children have looked at water resistance and designing their very own Whitby lifeboats. The children had to make sure that their designs were streamlined in order to move through the water quickly.