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At Menston Primary School we believe that the School Curriculum should be broad and balanced, providing children with first hand experiences whilst building on their prior learning. Our curriculum whilst based on the New National Curriculum, follows a theme-based questioning approach to learning, in the belief that children learn best when they are asking questions and are making logical connections between different aspects of their work. The ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’ concept is our key driver, it is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work. It requires deep thinking and encourages learners to work using a question as the starting point.

The Learning Challenge approach is used as a structure and ethos for our curriculum design. In designing the curriculum we use a prime learning challenge, expressed as a question, as the starting point. Using the information gained from pre- learning tasks, the new National Curriculum and the school’s context, a series of subsidiary challenges are then planned.

We deliver the curriculum in such a way as to meet our school aims to grow enquiring, creative, thoughtful and independent learners. We believe in giving the children ownership of their learning as we support them in becoming ‘aspirational’ in order to make the most of their learning opportunities.

Pupils in Foundation and KS1 are taught phonics, using the Letters and Sounds framework and our school uses a range of reading schemes and other books to ensure that children develop a love of reading alongside developing key reading and comprehension skills.

Click the links below to view the long term plans for each year group. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like to know more about the curriculum.

EYFS Long Term Plan
Year 1 Long Term Plan
Year 2 Long Term Plan
Year 3 Long Term Plan
Year 4 Long Term Plan
Year 5 Long Term Plan
Year 6 Long Term Plan

Click the links below to view the curriculum statements for each subject.

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