Menston Primary School

Making our World a Better Place

The school’s Governing Body meet regularly to discuss the development of the school. The governors are either appointed by the LEA, parents of pupils, members of staff (including the Head Teacher) or members of the community.

Governors are required to produce a plan for the strategic development of the school.  This plan was drawn up by governors following consultation with staff and parents. A copy of the strategic plan is available here.

Small sub-committees meet, each with their own remit. They are:

  • School Improvement, Curriculum and Standards – The terms of reference for the committee are available here.
  • Finance & General Purpose – The terms of reference for the committee are available here.

The whole governing body meet regularly, where they discuss the recommendations of committee meetings and decide on school policy.

2018 – 2019 Register of Interests of current Governors serving, and those who have served at any point in the last 12 months, on the governing body of Menston Primary School


Meet the Governors