Menston Primary School

Making our World a Better Place

Here at Menston Primary School we are dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of all children and adults in the school and expect everyone in our community to share this commitment.

In this statement we would like to share with you school policies and practices with regard to ensuring that children are taught and encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and adopt safe practices.

School policies and guidance are in place to ensure that there is a consistent approach to practices throughout the school and that they are adhered to by staff, governors and volunteers.  Adults have a tremendous impact on young children and with this in mind adults at Menston Primary School:

  • are good role models for children
  • enjoy their work and working with children
  • are conscientious and hard working
  • recognise and value strengths in each other and use these to support everyone
  • work within that agreed policies and guidance of the school
  • promote a happy, caring and safe school
  • encourage children to think for themselves, ask questions and find answers
  • create an environment of trust
  • challenge and support children in their learning.

There are numerous policies in place to safeguard our children. Please click the links below to access these policies:

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Discrimination Policy
Child Protection Policy
E Safeguarding Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Preventing Radicalisation Policy
Safeguarding Children Policy
Social Networking Policy for School Staff
Staff ICT and Communications Systems Policy
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions and Administration of Medicines Policy