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Skills Builder

Building Skills For Life Across Our Curriculum

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Silver Quality Mark by the Skills Builder Partnership for excellence in the teaching of essential skills.  Furthermore we have been awarded ‘Showcase School’ status in further recognition of the quality of skills teaching in our school.

The Skills Builder Partnership aims to “focus on building essential skills to enable lifelong success.” This award-winning not-for-profit organisation brings together schools and a wide-range of organisations and employers to promote the teaching and development of eight universal skills.  These skills, along with their academic knowledge and understanding, help to prepare our children for their life beyond education and to be ready to make the most of the opportunities which life offers them.

Teaching incorporates age-appropriate activities to help all children develop these universal skills. Each half-term the whole school focusses on developing one skill.  Activities are integrated across the curriculum but especially into our STEM and outdoor learning activities

There Skills Partnership has created a set of pages for families to explore at home which tells you more about each skill and provides you with activities and ideas to use at home to help your child develop these essential skills.

What are Universal Skills?

The Skills Builder Programme identifies eight universal skills:

Listening – the ability to listen to and understand information

Speaking – the ability to communicate ideas to others

Problem Solving – developing strategies to approach challenges and situations where the answer is not initially clear

Creativity  – developing the skills to create new ideas

Staying Positive – teaching pupils how to deal with setbacks and to be willing to take calculated risks with their learning

Aiming High – being able to be aspirational for themselves and learning how to turn these ideas into achievable plans

Leadership – learning to lead others

Teamwork – helping pupils to develop the confidence and ability to work in a team


Skill of the Half-Term

Autumn 2020 – Listening

Spring 2021 – Listening and introducing team work

Summer 2021 –   Team work (summer first half-term)

Speaking (Summer second half-term)


Autumn 2021 (first half-term) – we will be revisiting the core skill of listening.  This underpins all of the other universal skills and will enable children to make good progress in their other skills this academic year.

Autumn 2 – Aiming High

Spring 1 – Staying Positive

Spring 2 – Problem Solving

Summer 1 – Creativity

Summer 2 – Leadership









Menston Primary Receives National Recognition We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Silver Quality Mark by the national Skills Builder Partnership in recognition of our high standards in the teaching of transferable skills to all of our children.  Our high standards have been further recognised by our school also being awarded  Skills Builder Showcase School status.  Read all about our work on the partnership’s showcase pages