Menston Primary School

Making our world a better place

April 2021

As usual we have been enjoying lots of time outdoors, getting lots of fresh air and enjoying learning in the school grounds. The beautiful weather has made this even more enjoyable. With the help of Virgin Media and Swincar Nurseries we have been created new flowerbeds, sown wildflower seeds and have planted over 800 bulbs and eight new trees. This has made our beautiful school site even better for nature and for the children.

On Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15 April, staff from Virgin Media’s Community Liaison team worked to dig and prepare lots of different areas of the school site for planting and sowing. Although, for obvious reasons, they could not work directly with the children they were able to see the children from all classes at safe social distance as they worked and played outside

Here’s what their team leader Richard Hall, Regional Community Liaison and Wayleave Officer had to say about their time here:


“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves (a few are a tad stiff now but it’s all good) and EVERYONE has commented on what a truly fantastic school Menston Primary is. You should all be incredibly proud, you do a fantastic job and this is clear from just seeing how the children enjoy being at school!!”


For our part, we were massively impressed by their team who worked tirelessly and cheerfully for two whole days and really took time to understand what we are working to achieve here through our outdoor provision.

I should also mention the terrific work carried out by Andrew Fisher of Swincar Nurseries in Guiseley who visited the site to advise on trees and tree planting before supplying trees, compost and stakes for this project and donating several additional items.



Please report all absences to the school office before 8:30 am. We have a 24 hour absence line 01943 873180 where you can leave a message to let us know what the reason for absence is. You must not send any child in to school if anyone in the household is displaying the symptoms of Covid-19. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea they must be kept off school for 48 hours after the last bout of illness.