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Local Governing Body

Menston Primary School is part of Moorlands Learning Trust (MLT) multi-academy trust (MAT).

The detail of our business is dealt with via committees. The Local Governing Body (LGB), and the committees usually meet twice per term. Agendas, minutes and associated papers from the LGB meetings can be viewed at the school by request. The terms of reference for the LGB Finance and Resources committee can be viewed here.

The Local Governing Body works under the agreed MLT scheme of delegation, in partnership with the Headteacher who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

Trustees of the MAT, governors, associate members, the Headteacher and the clerk have the right to attend governing body meetings. In addition, the LGB can allow any other person to attend its meetings. Associate members may be excluded from any part of a meeting when the item of business concerns an individual student or member of staff.

The three core functions of a school governing body are to:

Governors hold positions with specific responsibilities usually referred to as ‘governor representatives’.  The representative will not only help the LGB to understand what happens in school but also helps the governors to fulfil their strategic role.

Governors are required to produce a plan for the strategic development of the school.  This plan was drawn up by governors following consultation with staff and parents. A copy of the strategic plan is available here.

The whole governing body meet regularly, where they discuss the recommendations of committee meetings and decide on school policy.

Every school year Governors gather the views of staff, pupils and parents. To do this they attend school events, go on learning walks with teachers to look at provision in different subjects, they use questionnaires to gather the views of different groups and they talk to children.

2023 – 2024 Register of Interests of current Governors serving, and those who have served at any point in the last 12 months, on the governing body of Menston Primary School



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