Menston Primary School

Making our world a better place

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Menston Primary School. This is a warm, friendly and successful school full of brilliant people (most of them under 12 years old!). Our children are fabulous. They care about their friends, their school and their world, and they work hard to learn and to teach each other interesting, useful stuff. They particularly like our commitment to providing regular outdoor learning for all year groups - be that running the Daily Mile, pond dipping, minibeast hunting and den building or just being outdoors and learning about the natural world. Whilst doing all this they achieve very high standards. The children have taught us that the school should be ‘Making our World a Better Place.’ So that is what we work together to do - every day.

Please contact the School Office on 01943 873180 if you would like to learn more about our school and to arrange a visit.

Important Covid-19 Information

Please telephone the school office on 01943 873180 to inform us if pupils are isolating because someone in the household has symptoms/ positive test outcomes.

If one of our pupils has a positive test result over a weekend or at the start of a school holiday, please email This is important as we may need to inform their close contacts that they need to isolate.

Things we can all do to help us all stay safe:

  • Carry on being very vigilant and keep checking for symptoms.
  • If in doubt – be cautious, keep your child off and get them tested. An extra day at home for one child is much better than 10 days of isolation for a whole class.
  • Arrange for just one adult to drop off or pick up children.
  • Continue to use the full 15-minute windows (8.45-9.00am and 3.10-3.25pm) for drop off/pick up. Avoid arriving earlier than this so that we do not have groups of people queuing on the pavements.
  • Keeping moving and leave the school site quickly.
  • Reduce congestion near school entrances or classroom doors by encouraging older children to enter and leave school independently.

We thank you for your help with this.


Please report all absences to the school office before 8:30 am. We have a 24 hour absence line 01943 873180 where you can leave a message to let us know what the reason for absence is. You must not send any child in to school if anyone in the household is displaying the symptoms of Covid-19. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea they must be kept off school for 48 hours after the last bout of illness.

Mr Jones says…

February 2021

I just want to say well done and thank you to all our children and families for remaining so positive and making the best of what has been a difficult situation. Whenever I talk to families in and around the village I am left feeling very proud of the way our children, our families and our community have risen to this challenge. It looks likely that school life will be returning to something a little more ‘normal’ within the next few weeks. School staff are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back into school as soon as possible. In the meantime keep working, steadily and safely, look after your loved ones and remember  to give yourselves time to enjoy simple things – Spring is just around the corner!

The Children say…

“The KS2 Playground is the place to be. There is everything you need; hop scotch, a great tig area and even a ball court for playing football in.”

“I love the Stone Circle because it is an area where you can think about stuff quietly and it is a very calming place.”

“I like the Woodland area because it feels like you’re in an actual forest away from school. The Woodland area is my favourite place to be in school.”

“I enjoy playing on the KS2 field because you do outdoor learning on the learning posts and explore the wonders of the world.”

“I like the Daily Mile because it is a great way to relax after some hard work.”

“When I enter the Willow Tunnel, I feel like I’m in an enchanted place with twisted branches all around. I also like the cool breeze blowing around.”

“I like Den Building because you can build a den and feel like you are in the Stone Age. You can pretend that the covers are animal skins. In the Den Building area, you can make pretend campfires and have fun as well as learn.”



Here at Menston Primary School we are dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of all children and adults in the school and expect everyone in our community to share this commitment.